Dysfluent Issue 2

Since issue one launched in 2019, stammering pride has emerged as a compelling movement in the cause for self-affirmation, dignity and equality for people who stammer. But what does it mean to be proud of something you associate with struggle and pain? 

For some, this is radical thinking. As a person who stammers, I get that it’s not simple. I’m eager to platform stammering pride because I believe in it. It’s given me the understanding that stammering is part of a larger story. Seeing it as a disability and as natural variation moves it out of a medical space of needing to be fixed and into a social justice effort that celebrates human diversity. As the world becomes more understanding of difference, why can’t stammering be embraced too?

This is not to underplay anyone’s experience of struggle. Stammering pride is full of contradictions. That’s why this issue goes beyond the personal tales of stammering that we’re familiar with and instead digs deeper, pushing the conversation forward, sometimes leaving more questions than answers. Stammering isn’t black and white or even isolated – it intersects with politics, disability, activism, art, design, identity, time, psychology and more.

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